What Our Customers are saying

brilliant products! the packaging, the quality of the product was amazing and to top it all off the delivery timing and method was immaculate! bravo! certainly will come back for the other products to you guys as well!

Usama Leghari

Im in love with the packing. And the products seem to be really really nice. Its a nyc gift to give to ur guy and most important he liked it soo much . :) keep up the great work. Goodluck.

Syeda Jahanara

Received my order its perfect i would like to mention the note they added in the box makes me n my handsome v happy and the packing was awsome Well in short its a perfect gift for a perfect hunk

Huda Chowdhry

They are really good in guiding and their product is just amazing and the results are really cool.

Mian Saad Amjad

Bought it as birthday gift for my husband. At first he was reluctant in using it but now he is loving the products specially beard oil and beard balm. Great products and he recommended it to his friends as well 🙂

Rabia Hasan Umar

Ordered dari moch package as a gift to my hubby, and surprisingly he loved it, since he hardly likes such products, he loves the scent as well. Specially the note added to the package, which pleases the customer even more.
Really love the product, packaging, and the short delivery time too.

Saba Barkaat

Loved the packaging. It was the perfect gift to give! and the quality of the product aswell as the shipping service was commendable. 
Keep up the good work, Cheers!

Jessica Castell

I haven’t used it yet but I’ve been using some products in the past hopefully it will surpass them. Looking forward to it. The packing is nice the products are beautiful. Amazing service, Quality of products seem good, the scent is like ridiculously good. Keep on the good work guys. Lovin’ it

Zeerak Zaheer

Delivery time: On commitment.Packaging: Cool and attractive. They know very well about the generation (youth) psyche and they're using it very well.

Jayant Durgesh