3 Tips for Beard Care in Hot Weather

The summers are well and truly here. So, bearded man, what have you decided to do with your facial hair?
Are you going to shave it off completely? If your answer is yes, then you need to think again. You are falling into the trap like most people who think that beards are a no-no in summers. In reality, it is the other way around. Beards and warm weather go hand in hand.

Beards protect your skin from various elements all year round be it cold or warm weather. During the summer season, facial hair act as a shield to safeguard your skin from the harmful UV rays.

Here's another interesting fact. During the summer season, beards aid you in cooling down more as compared to as a clean-shaven face. The excess sweat is caught in the beard which helps dissipate more heat from your body.

Hence, it is a win-win situation for beardsmen in summers.
Actually the problems the beardsmen face and in turn the myth of not growing beards during warm weather are a result of bad grooming habits. What you need to know is that as the temperature, season, and weather changes, so should your grooming habits.
It should come as no surprise that facial hair tends to get grimmer and smellier during summers as more dirt is captured in it when compared to winters. Don’t worry, by simply changing your beard care routine, you can benefit from the advantages that facial hair provide during summers and maintain a soft, smooth, and luscious beard.


  • Wash your beard at least four to five times a week or even more depending on the length of your beard. Don’t use regular shampoo. There’s a difference between regular shampoo that you use on your hair and beard wash specifically made for beards. Beard hair is androgenic and affected by testosterone levels, which means it can’t be cleaned with traditional hair shampoo or soap. Hair shampoo will strip the beard of its natural oils, clogging pores and damaging the hair. The Dari Mooch Beard Shampoo is made specifically ground up for beards without any harmful chemicals and sulfates


  • Switch to a beard oil that is cool, light, refreshing, and best suited to warm weather. The Dari Mooch Rosewood Beard Oil could be a perfect choice. You’ll be surprised by the results you get. While it will not only give your beard a different scent, it will definitely keep your beard well-nourished and itch-free in the summers.


  • It is essential that you comb your facial hair in order to detangle them and ensure smooth blood flow in your skin. Not only will it keep your beard well groomed but also make you look good. Needless to say, that you must use a good quality beard comb for perfect grooming.


Are beards seasonal? No, definitely not.
Should you grow them in summers? Yes, you can but it is totally your choice.

Your beard defines your personality. It is up to you to maintain your beard. If you like you can choose from a number of shorter beard styles and get your beard trimmed. However, by just changing your beard care routine and method slightly, you can say goodbye to the razors, keep on growing, and get an upper hand over the so-called men who shave as soon as it gets tough.

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