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Growth Kit

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Why you need this!

  • For thicker and fast beard growth
  • Each product contains supplements that are essential for healthier hair growth
  • 100% natural ingredients without any side effects
  • So that you can grow an EPIC Beard!

Your beard needs the right supplements to grow healthy and thick! Our Growth Kit contains 3 products which have been formulated with active ingredients and help in growing a healthier fuller beard.

Here’s what is included
  • Growth Oil
  • Growth Vitamin Spray
  • Growth Shampoo
    Growth Oil Castor Seeds


    Our Growth oil contains Jamaican Castor oil that increases blood flow and promotes healthier faster hair growth

    Growth Shampoo Caffeine


    Our caffeinated Growth Shampoo has been formulated specially to help with beard hair growth. Caffeine improves blood circulation to give you healthier hair follicles and help you grow a thicker beard

    Growth Vitamin Spray Biotin


    Our Growth Vitamin Spray has been packed with all the benefits of Biotin. Biotin promotes keratin production which makes hair stronger and prevents hair fall

    What growth oil does?

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    The growth oil contains castor oil, and Avocado oil which increases growth of facial hair, strengthens the hair.

    What growth shampoo does?

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    The shampoo is caffeinated to increase blood flow to the skin which activates growth. The increased blood flow will help your skin to absorb nutrients better by improving blood circulation.

    What growth vitamin spray does?

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    The vitamin spray has Biotin also known as Vitamin B7 along with other vitamins. Biotin facilitates hair growth hence making the beard thicker and stronger. 

    Will using just the Growth oil/ Growth Shampoo/ Vitamin Spray help grow my beard?

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    Using any one product alone will enhance growth however the growth process includes 3 steps and each product is designed to complete one step. Therefore, we would suggest you use all 3 growth products together to avail the complete benefits plus the kit with all 3 products is at a discounted price of Rs2999 only whereas if you buy the products separately it could cost you around Rs3400.

    What is the difference between beard oil and growth oil?

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    The Beard oil is a grooming product which is for keeping your facial hair soft, smelling fresh and free from itch and dandruff. The growth oil on the other hand helps in giving you a fuller thicker beard. It contains ingredients that promote hair growth such as castor oil and Avocado oil.

    How long will it take to grow my beard?

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    It usually takes up to 90 days to start seeing visible results of the growth products.  Some people may notice healthier facial hair growth in as little as a few weeks. For others, it may take several months. You’ll need to be patient and regular in using the growth products to see the best results.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 401 reviews
    Mian Rehan
    Highly satisfied

    Hey I am using this product, I am highly satisfied from this product and I also recommends to others .
    Thanks Darimooch and keep it up.

    Thanks for your trust, we're thankful for amazing customers like you. We hope to see you again soon!

    Amazing to Gift

    Ordered for my husband he loved it! Also I see results coming in visibly.

    We're happy that you're happy, and we're looking forward to your next shopping. Thanks for the review!

    It's working

    Used this kit for almost 2 months now I can feel my beard hair getting thicker and overall improving in quality. Great products.

    Thank you so much for the feedback!
    We always try best to serve our customers best products.

    Zain ali
    progress sheet is coming

    I will share the reviews about product soon but i want to tell you I didn't received the progress sheet.

    Thank you for reaching out. Sure, Do update us on the results you've achieved! We would love to know and we would like to inform you that, we've discontinued the Growth Tracker. it is also skipped from the website.

    Abdullah .

    Growth Kit

    Thank you so much for the rating!


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