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Growth Vitamin Spray

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Why you need this!

  • Biotin boosts beard thickness
  • Moisturizes the hair and the skin
  • Essential vitamins promote faster hair growth
  • Prevents hair fall
  • Softer, fresher beard all day
  • To grow an EPIC beard

Our Vitamin Spray has Biotin which stimulates keratin production in hair and increases the rate of healthier follicle growth and helps prevent hair fall. The combination of essential vitamins, such as Vitamin B5, Vitamin C ensures your hair follicles are well nourished and your beard gets all the supplements it needs.

60 ml / 2 fl oz

STEP 1: Spray facial hair 5-7 times on dry skin anywhere you want to enhance your facial hair growth.

STEP 2: Once you have sprayed the target area, spend a few minutes massaging it into your skin. This maximizes its penetration power.

STEP 3: Repeat once or twice daily!

- Biotin
- Glycerin
- Vitamin B5
- Arginine
- Vitamin B3
- Mulbery extract
- Phenoxy
- Citric Acid(25%)
- Ginger

Growth Vitamin Spray

The Perfect Beard Growth Spray

With a combination of essential vitamins, such as biotin (Vitamin b7), Vitamin B5, and Vitamin C Dari Mooch’s Growth Vitamin spray ensures your hair follicles are well nourished so that your beard grows to its fullest and remains healthy. Grow the beard of your dreams!

Growth Vitamin Spray

Stronger Healthier Hair

Packed with Biotin that stimulates keratin production in hair and increases the rate of healthier follicle growth and prevents hair fall

What growth vitamin spray does?

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The vitamin spray has Biotin also known as Vitamin B7 along with other vitamins. Biotin facilitates hair growth hence making the beard thicker and stronger. 

Will using just the Growth Vitamin Spray help strengthen my beard hair?

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Using any one product alone will improve hair health however hair care is a process that includes 3 steps and each product is designed to complete one step. Therefore, we would suggest you use all 3 growth products together to avail the complete benefits plus the kit with all 3 products is at a discounted price of Rs2999 only whereas if you buy the products separately it could cost you around Rs3400.

What if I eat biotin instead of using the spray?

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Your skin is the largest organ and anything you put gets absorbed into your bloodstream. The spray not just contains biotin but a blend of essential vitamins too. You can definitely use Biotin supplements along with using the spray to achieve results. However before taking Biotin we would suggest you consult a specialist.

Do you guy give a Guarantee for the growth products?

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Our Ingredients are our Guarantee! The products are made from the highest quality ingredients that are known to promote growth. The growth oil for instance has castor oil, an ingredient that has been used for centuries to promote growth, along with essential proteins and amino acids. The vitamin spray has biotin, an essential vitamin in strengthening not just your hair but your nails too! The shampoo has caffeine. Why caffeine you ask? Caffeine is known to draw blood to the skin and improve circulation. That helps draw nutrition to the follicles and stimulates them to increase active growth! Change takes time. You have to be consistent and believe in the journey :)

How Long Can I use the products for?

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The products can be safely used fro 2 years after opening

Customer Reviews

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Maryam Marry

Growth Vitamin Spray

Thanks for the rating !

Patchy beard

Is this helpful to fill patchy beard?

Thank you for reaching out. Yes, Our all growth Line product helps to grow a healthy beard and fill the patches as well. For more details please contact us via inbox.

Hamza Noor


Vicsa Buat
Very very nice products..i will order again and again

Love ur products...really like it...very effective...most of all...smell so good..

Thank you for your words of appreciation !
We will make sure to keep up with the quality and service.

Khurram Ali Khan
It's really good

My son is using it and he is in love with the product

We're glad to hear that Khurram ! Thank you for the review !

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